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Du lundi au vendredi à 14h, la Compagnie La Morsure propose ses feuilletons quotidiens !

A gagner cette semaine :

Vox Low, Ronan K, places pour After TRAVELLING à l'UBU / La Route du Rock à l'ANTIPODE

du 7 au 9/12

Béchamel Cha Cha
Béchamel Cha Cha

Boogaloo aquatique, jerks hawaiens, cochonneries diverses..

Horaires :
Mardi : 04h00-05h30
Samedi : 19h00-20h30 (Direct)
Et encore des couillonnades internationales (avec Fred comme de par hasard)

France Gall : Der computer Nr 3

The Cool Jerks : Le telefon

Uschi Moser : Sunny honey

Claudine Coppin : 40° à l' ombre

Henri Salvador : Mama goteu loteu houi

The Reasons : Shimmy shimmy ko ko bop

The Tonks : Escapade

Linda Young & The Silvertones 

Kaygisilzar : Sasgrom

Payom Moogda : Loomsiah

Groupe russe ?????

Los Quando : Soul man

Nicolas Mariano : Dita cuja

Clifton Chenier : Say too koreck

Ti l' Afrique : Pop soul sega

El Rigo & ses Commandos : Hessa

The Fallouts : Hartstikke dood

Boudewijn De Groot : Cinderella

Aut' Chose : Hey you woman

Os Gambuzinos : Aida

Sodsaichaengkij : The boat that I row

Brunetta : Baluba shake

Gianni Morandi : I ragazzi della shake

Las Trizillas de Oro : Pochoclo

Yhe Honeymoon Killers : Laisse tomber les filles

Harihar Rao : Time won 't let me

Banané mon cul

Tommy James & The Shondells : I 'm alive

Lee Hazlewood : Nobody like you

The Mamas & The Papas : String man

Nino Tempo & April Stevens : Bye bye blues

Simon & Garfunkel : A simple desultory philippic

The Turtles : Wrong from the start

The Fireballs : Come on, react

The Raiders : Let me

The Cowsills : (Come round here) I 'm the one you need

The Outsiders : You gotta look

The Banana Splits : We 're the Banana Splits

The American Breed : Master of my fate

The Ohio Express : Peanuts

Jan & Dean : Hang on Sloopy

The Righteous Brothers : Little latin lupe lu

The Walker Brothers : Doin' the jerk

The Standells : Soul drippin'

The Equals : Soul groovin'

The Foundations : Mr Personality Man

Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band : (I gotta) hold on to my love

Los Canarios : What can I do for you

The Pop-Tops : That woman

Los Iberos : Liar liar

The Things to Come : Icicles on the roof

Neil Diamond : Hanky panky

The Banana Splits : Don 't go away go-go girl

The Sunsets : Theme one

Le retour du rétrospectif (avec Mr Cédric)

The Sandpebbles : Love power

Andy Armstrong : River boat

Ben Carousers & The Deep : Jack O' Diamonds

Rick Saucedo : Reality

The Seraphims : Consciousness of happening

The New Christy Minstrels : Julianne

Duncan Browne : On the bombsite

Temples : Colors to life

Nick Nicely : 49 cigars

Paul Roland & The Hellfire Club : Demon on a glass case

Tim Presley : The Wink

The Fall : Container drivers

The Turtles : Say girl

The Squires : Wonderin'

Dion : Wake up baby

Fred Darian : That lucky old Sun

Gene Clark : Spanish guitars

P. J. M. Mac Mahon : Enough it is done

Nancy Wilson : Ode to Billy Joe

The Moody Blues : From the bottom of my heart

Buddy Holly : Wait 'till the sunshine...

The Lost Children : Of leaves

Noël au calgon

The United States Of America : The american metaphysical circus

The Tokens : How nice

Harpers Bizarre : Jessie

Guy Whatelet : Some people said

The Staccatos : Where did Holly go

The Deep : Crystal nite

The House Of Nimrod : Slightly-delic

The Hobbits : Strawberry children

Sweetwater : Through an old storybook

Simon Dupree & The Big Sound : Stained glass window

The Neighb' rhood Childr' n : Happy child

Lothar & The Hand People : Ha ho

Bruce Haack : Funky little song

The World Of Oz : Jack

The Pretty Things : Children

The Electric Prunes : Wind up toys

David Bowie : Come and buy my toys

Pisces : Children, kiss your mother goodnight

The Third Rail : No return

The Mystic Astrologic Cristal Band : Kristallize

The Fruit Machine : Cuddly toys

Every Mother' s Sons : Sally

The Association : Pandora 's golden heebie jeebies

The New Colony Six : Time of the year is sunset

The United Travel Service : Snow

Joe Meek & The Blue Men : I hear a new World

Manfred Mann : Sweet pea

Spécial Johnny Berton

Les Zykonos : Excuse-moi partenaire

Johnny Carroll : Bandstand doll

Johnny Horton : Lovers rock

Johnny Night : Sixteen days

Johnny Jano : Oh baby

Electric Johnny : Johnny 's beat

Johnny Maestro : Test of love

Johnny Cash : Sing a travelling song

Johnny Dollar : Action packed

Johnny Alderson : Zoola Zooky

Johnny & The Hurricanes : Traffic jam

Johnny Otis : Queen of the twist

Johnny Guitar Watson : Looking back

The Fantastic Johnny C : Boogaloo down Broadway

Johnny Colon : What you mean

Johnny Rodriguez : Sister Sue

Johnny Taylor : Take care of your homework

Johnny Jones : It 's gonna be good

Johnny Rivers : Secret agent man

Johnny 's Uncalled For : Please say

Johnny & The Nyte Riders : I had a girl

Johnny Fortune : Dragster

Johnny Winter & The Traites : Parchman prison farm

Johnny T. & The Three Wise Men : You 're gonna loose your lovin' man

Johnny Kid & The Pirates : Shakin' all over 65

The Johnny Beatles : I 'm down

Jay & The Showmen : Au revoir Johnny

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