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Béchamel Cha Cha
Béchamel Cha Cha

Boogaloo aquatique, jerks hawaiens, cochonneries diverses..

Horaires :
Lundi : 15h30-17h00
Samedi : 19h00-20h30 (Direct)
Bechamoore Roger

Hugo Montenegro : The James Bond Theme

The Reg Guest Syndicate : The Saint

Billy Strange : The Man from U. N. C. L. E.

The Jokers : Napoleon Solo

Hugo Montenegro : The Man from T. H. R. U. S. H.

Hugo Montenegro : Jungle beat

Earle Hagen : I spy

Jerry Murrad' s Harmonicats : The Avengers

Al Caïola : The bronze doll

Ray Martin : Hoodunit

Johnny Hawksworth : It' s murder

Ray Anthony : Walkin' to Mothers

The John Schroeder Orchestra : Don' t break the heart of Kimble

Chaquito : Special project

Lalo Schifrin : The end game

Lalo Schifrin : Wide Willy

Lalo Schifrin : The getaway

Arthur Lyman : Hawaï 5-O

Morton Stevens : Beach trip

The Reg Guest Syndicate : Guys, guns, dolls & danger

John Barry : The Danny Scipio theme 

Edwin Astley : High wire

Milton Delugg : Theme for the thing

John Barry : The Persuaders

Killer Watts : Man of mystery

Hal Blaine : The Invaders

Démocratiquement comme d' habitude

Jason Merrick & The Finders : I 'm not what you are

The Fe-Fi-Four + 2 : I wanna come back (from the world of LSD)

The Mystic Tide : Frustration

The Sonics : He 's waitin'

The Electric Company : Scary business

The Invasion : Do you like what you see

The Unrelated Segments : Where you gonna go

Terry Randall : S. O. S.

The Shy Guys : We gotta go

The Illusions : City of people

Ty Wagner : Slander

The Few : Escape

Warden & The Fugitives : The World ain 't changed

Ken & The Fourth Dimensions : See if I care

The Lively Ones : Too many lies

Angie & The New Raiders : It 's a lie

The Painted Ship : I told those little white lies

The Aztex : I said move

The Acoustics : My rights

The Heathens : Problems

Just Luv : Valley of hate

The Hazards : Tinted green

Wally Shoop & Fubar : Evening in the city

The Children of Night : World of tears

The Johnny Thompson Quintet : Color me Columbus

The Sons of Adam & Ron Steele : Sleepin in a public place

The New Dawn : I see a day

Gros, moches et cons

Henri Salvador : C' est à qui tout ça

Jean Yanne : Camille

Les Concentrés : Fils de dégénérés

Hector : La femme de ma vie

The Fantastic Emanoms : Duh!

Donnie & The Outcasts : Big fat alaskan

Ben Colder : Don' t go near the eskimos

Ray Stevens : Bagpipes: that' s my bag

The Serendipity Singers : Beans in my ears

Spike Jones & The City Slickers : Little child

The Dinks : Nina kooka-nina

Mike Russo : Let' s all do the fink

The Eccentrics : She' s so ugly

Johnny Alderson : Zoola Zooky

The Earthbos : Space girl

The Pleasant Valley Jammers : Ugly

The Velvetones : Hairy lumpty bump

Tom Reeves : Primitive love

The Trashmen : Bird Diddley beat

The DEl-Mars : Snacky-poo

The Surfsiders : When I grow up

Ernie & Bert : Everybody wash

Napoleon XIV : Let' s cuddle up in my security blanket

Bill Cosby : Hold on I' m coming

H. T. Three : I fell in love (with that wart on your face)

The Jay-Jays : Bald headed woman

Rick Kay & His Shades Of Today : You stink

Bobby Lee Trammel : Mayonnaise

Allan Sherman : Hail to thee, fat person

The Monks : Blast off

Béchamel aqua bon

Jan & Dean : The submarine races

Every Mothers ' Son : Come on down to my boat

Lulu : The boat that I row

Angel & The Devines : Octopus

Ray Anthony : Let' s all do the swim

Bobby Freeman : C' mon & do the Swim

The Marvellettes : Too many fish in the sea

The Daisies : I wanna swim with him

Sugar & Sweet : Do the dive

Dumas King : Loose eel

The Go-Go' s : Chicken of the sea

Elvis Presley : Song of the shrimp

The New Christy Minstrels : Deep blue sea

Reparata & The Delrons : Captain of your ship

The Mirettes : On the good ship lollipop

Peggy Lee : The dock of the bay

Tommy Roe : Jack & Jill

The Hardy Boys : Sink or swim

The Vagrants : Beside the sea

The Denims : White ship

The Watch Children : Did you feed the fish

The Dukes of Stratosphear : Collaidoscope

Syd Barrett : Octopus

Kevin Ayers : The oyster & the flying fish

Brian Eno : On some faraway beach


The Rythm Addicts : The thrill

The Four Seasons : Bermuda

Oscar Hamod & The Majestics : My girl is waiting

The Tokens : Sylvie sleepin'

Phil Philipps : Sea of love

Ann Leonardo : Simbad

Elizabeth Waldo : Balsa boat

Les Baxter : Blue mirage

The Tree Swingers : Kookie little paradise

Bob Callaway : Native

Buddy Tow : Twisting in the jungle

The Oddballs : Rockin' in yhe jungle

The Gran Prees : Jungle fever

The El-Capris : Safari

The Valiants : Walkin' girl

The Century Five : La Moomba Kasa Boo Boo Cha Cha Cha

Elliott Shavers : Soul village

Glenda & Glen : Voodoo doll

The Jungle VIP's : Trust in me

Elvis Presley : Golden coins

Eartha Kitt : Uska dara

The Sheik' s Men : Shish kebab

Ray Ellington : The sultan of Bezaaz

The Fatimas : Hoochy coo

The Monkees : Can you dig it

Tony & Siegfried : Up here

The Mode Eastern music

The Nightbeats : Exotic

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